Single-Family Homes

FLO Home is designed for single family homes and built from top-quality components that are designed to last. Certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C, FLO Home can be installed either indoors or outdoors. It is perfectly adapted for winter conditions thanks to its waterproof aluminum casing and its heavy-duty charging cable that remains flexible even in the coldest conditions. FLO Home is available in connected (X5) and unconnected (G5) versions. A network connection allows home owners to configure smart features like Charging Schedule and setup the X5 for integration with Utility energy management programs.

Multi-Family Homes

Working with property managers and developers, FLO enables EV drivers to access charging stations in their residential building’s common parking area or assigned parking stalls. Our solution for condos and apartment buildings makes it easy to offer EV charging with billing and reporting services combined with reliable charing equipment. FLO also offers energy management services including circuit and panel sharing to reduce the electrical infrastructure requirements for a building. EV drivers can connect to their building’s charging stations using the same RFID card.

FLO at Work

FLO partners with employers to deliver electric vehicle charging services in workplaces. Workplace charging is an important part of the EV charging ecosystem as it provides drivers with greater flexibility and increases their daily travel range. Employees can plug in at the beginning of their shift and return home with a fully charged vehicle at the end of the work day. Our workplace charging solutions are fully integrated with the FLO ecosystem. EV drivers can connect to their workplace’s charging stations using the same RFID card and mobile app they use to access FLO’s public network and manage all payments and transactions in one platform.

FLO on the Go

With the FLO network, EV drivers can access tens of thousands of public charging stations from coast to coast. EV drivers can securely activate and pay for charging sessions at any station on the network. Members can also rely on 24/7 customer support should they require immediate assistance with a FLO charging station. All charging stations connected to the FLO network are remotely monitored from the Network Operations Centre to guarantee reliability and service quality for station owners and EV drivers. FLO also supports network interoperability with other leading network operators in North America. This means EV drivers can access stations across partner networks with a single account, providing them with even wider coverage across Canada and the United States.

The FLO Mobile App

The FLO mobile app for iOS and Android allows members to manage their charging experience wherever they are, using only their smartphone. Using the app, members can:

• Easily find an available charging station on the FLO network or roaming network, and get real-time information on any station’s status.

• Add funds to their account, pay for a session, and start the session right from their mobile phone.

• Track charging progress in real time and access detailed reports of charging activity in public, at work and on your FLO Home charging station.

FLO for Businesses

FLO provides turnkey solutions to companies that wish to offer charging services to customers, tenants, residents or employees. Solutions scale seamlessly, allowing more stations to be easily added to existing sites as demand for charging grows, while minimizing installation costs. Exclusive energy management features enable site owners to dynamically distribute available power to connected vehicles and control peak demand surcharges to reduce electricity costs. From a dedicated online portal, site owners can configure charging stations, manage driver access and set pricing in just a few clicks. FLO remotely monitors all charging stations to ensure service quality, and provides 24/7 support. Partners include:

• Property managers and developers

• Store, restaurant and hotel owners

• Cities and municipalities

• Employers

• Fleet owners